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For those about to rock, we salute you - ACDC

About Us

Hi there! We are GigNip.

Being live music fans ourselves, it frustrated us that we missed a lot of gigs/events happening in our own city because we were simply not aware of it. The information is there but not at one place, which makes it really hard to discover, and by the time you discover it, its probably too late. And hence, GigNip happened!

GigNip is one stop place to discover the gigs happening in your town. Follow artists, venues, genres and whatnot! Get notified and never miss a gig anymore.

GigNip follows the concept of Live it LIVE. It is an application/website focused on connecting fans to their favorite bands. The fans can discover and follow bands, share the experience and most importantly always be a part of Live Music Events happening near them.

We hope you appereciate the concept and our effort.

GigNip Team